Our Standards are the Keystone of Every Project!

Mattson Means Craftsmanship

Every project starts with a carefully assembled team. Each craftsman and sub-contractor is selected based on demonstrating the highest possible standard of excellence in workmanship. Knowledge, experience, and pride are the foundation of each handpicked professional.

Mattson Means Safety

In an often hazardous profession, Mattson Construction embraces a philosophy of strict, self-imposed safety standards for its craftsmen. A skilled artisan working in such an environment is able to concentrate on the project at hand with the comfort and assurance that everything possible has been provided for his or her safety. It’s a philosophy that’s been producing consistent results since 1903.

Mattson Means North Dakota Success

In a region beset by every imaginable weather condition from high winds to extreme temperatures, your construction project will require both high competence and the efficiency that can only be gained from experience.  Our name will be on your project forever, so at Mattson Construction we build for strength and longevity.